DMC Europe is proud to showcase its involvement in promoting the technology industry and in particular the future of the entire technology industry. We not only want to share our know-how and experience but also make a practical contribution to supporting the next generation of engineers.

For this reason, we are now cooperating with two universities that use our products in practice to achieve great things.

Formula Racing Team from the Friedberg University of Technology

The Formula Racing Team at the Friedberg University of Technology, consisting of motivated students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, has set itself the goal of developing its racing car for the Formula Student design competition.

Formula Student is an internationally renowned design competition for student teams to design, build, and test their own racing cars. Teams compete in various categories and disciplines to demonstrate their technical skills and project management. The competition promotes innovation, collaboration, and technical skills among aspiring engineers. The university’s team is one of the best in Germany and has already won many awards.

It’s great to hear that the team now has access to a variety of tools and accessories, including our DMC Europe Motorsport MasterKit. This kit was developed specifically for the needs of motorsport teams and we are very pleased that the Formula Racing Team will use it in the future.

FastDaRacing Team from the Technical University of Darmstadt

Another project that is very close to our heart is the collaboration with the FastDaRacing Team at the Technical University of Darmstadt. In this project, students from technical and economic departments are also working hand in hand to develop a racing car that can also prove itself in the international formula student environment.

The team from Darmstadt is very ambitious, committed, and professional. The goal of the FastDaRacing team is to achieve first place out of the 650 teams participating in Formula Student and we would like to support them in this.

We are therefore thrilled to be able to help the FastDaRacing team develop their vehicles by also providing them with our DMC Europe Motorsport MasterKit as well as other tools and accessories. We hope this support helps them to achieve their goals and we are grateful for this opportunity to give.

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