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ABB is a global leader in digital technologies, driving advancements in electrification, automation, robotics, and motion. With over 130 years of innovation, ABB integrates sustainable solutions across industries, including utilities, transportation, and infrastructure. The company’s comprehensive portfolio supports a wide range of customer needs, from individual components to complete systems.

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Astro Tool Corp is a premier manufacturer of precision crimp tools, insertion/removal tools, and connector assembly tools. Since 1969, Astro Tool has served industries such as military, aerospace, medical, and computing. All Astro tools are manufactured in Portland, Oregon, with many adhering to industry standards like AS22520 and AS81969. 

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Compaero Logo

Compaero, Inc. is a distinguished provider of high-quality interconnect components and accessories, specializing in solutions for the aerospace and defense industries. Since 1989, Compaero has been delivering reliable products including backshells, adapters, protective covers, and termination bands. Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, the company is dedicated to meeting industry standards and customer needs with precision and innovation.

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Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) is a renowned leader in manufacturing high-quality tools for mission-critical electrical systems. Established over 75 years ago, DMC serves industries such as aerospace, defense, aviation, transportation, and telecommunications. Their product range includes crimp tools, LaceLok, Safe-T-Cable, Twist-Strip, connector assembly tools, and tool kits. Headquartered in the United States, DMC’s tools are recognized for their reliability and adherence to industry standards, including many listed on the Department of Defense Qualified Product List (QPL).

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Hotweezer by Meisei Tools Logo

Originally developed by Meisei Tools in 1974, HOTWEEZERS® revolutionized the wire stripping industry. HotWeezers are precision thermal wire strippers, that efficiently remove insulation while safeguarding wire integrity. These tools are ideal for applications in aerospace, electronics, maritime, and other industries requiring meticulous wire preparation.

For more information, visit Messi Tools.

Ideal Logo

Ideal Industries has been a leading force in wire termination technology. Ideal serves customers in industries that include aerospace, HVAC, and automotive. They offer a wide range of precision-crafted tools, including wire strippers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. Ideal manufactures the Stripmaster® product line which is popular among the aerospace industry.

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Laselec (Komax) is a leader in advanced wire processing solutions, originally known for its UV laser wire marking technology. The company has expanded its offerings to include laser wire strippers and interactive harness assembly boards, primarily for the aerospace industry. Laselec’s innovative products address a wide range of production needs, from maintenance centers to major OEM factories. Their expertise and solutions are integrated under the Komax Group, enhancing their global reach and capabilities.

For more information, visit Laselec.

Snap On Industrial Logo

Snap-on was established in 1920 and is a global leader in high-quality tools, equipment, diagnostics, and repair solutions. This American company is committed to serving professionals in critical industries including aviation, automotive, and manufacturing.

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te connectivity

TE Connectivity, formerly known as Tyco Electronics, is a global leader in manufacturing connectors and sensors. TE focuses on delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that withstand harsh environments. The company serves a wide range of industries, including aerospace, industrial, automotive, medical, and energy. TE offers extensive expertise and a broad product portfolio including electrical connectors, terminals, splices, as well as wire protection and management solutions.

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