What is LaceLok®?

LaceLok Cable Lacing Fasteners were designed to replace cable ties and hand-tied lacing tape for secondary support of wire harnesses. The LaceLok system is ergonomic and provides consistent support with unrivaled strength and superior performance. Made of aerospace-grade materials, LaceLok features a small, rounded fastener and meta-aramid fiber lace. This combination of materials provides superior resistance to fuel, chemicals, abrasion, and extreme operating temperatures. 

How to Install LaceLok?

The LaceLok System comprises LaceLok Cable Lacing Fasteners and the installation tool (DLT-1100). Installing LaceLok is simple and can be done in four steps:

  1. Wrap the wire harness 1 to 3 times, feed the end of the lace through the fastener, and cinch tightly.
  2. Loop the end of the lace over the locking pin and back through the opening, cinching tightly. Then, side-load the lace into the capstan.
  3. Nest the nose of the tool on the fastener.
  4. Terminate by squeezing the tool trigger 2 to 3 times to seamlessly tighten, lock, and cut excess lace.


To learn more watch DMC’s LaceLok Tutorial:

Benefits of LaceLok:

  • Safer & More Ergonomic:
    • Reduces Abrasions
    • Repetitive Motion Injuries & Operator Fatigue
  • More Consistent:
    • Delivers consistent loop force that is controlled by the fastener, not the user
    • Terminates consistently at 20 lbs (+/- 2 lbs) of applied tension
  • Superior Performance:
    • Rated for operation in extreme temperatures -65°C to 260°C
    • Hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil, & fuel resistant
    • Made of abrasion-resistant meta-aramid fiber lace
    • 40% lighter than large cable ties
  • Faster:
    • Installs up to 3x faster than most hand-tied lace

LaceLok Schnurband Kabelbinder


Where Can You Purchase LaceLok?

LaceLok Installation Tool: DLT-1100

LF2-10NA1 – LaceLok® NA1 (White) 10 Inches
LF2-18NA1 – LaceLok® NA1 (White) 18 Inches

LaceLok Starter Kit (without lace): DMC2300 – LaceLok® Tool without CLF

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