For over a decade, our company has been at the forefront in Europe as a leading specialist in the distribution, repair, and maintenance of precision crimping tools. Our relentless commitment to quality and customer focus has enabled us to not only maintain our position in the industry but also to pass our recent successful audit with DEKRA for DIN EN 9120 and ISO 9001 and extend our certification. This milestone is the result of innovative work, teamwork, and the leadership of our dedicated QM Representative and Managing Director, Niko Mau.

Our Journey to the Top of the Precision Crimp Tool Industry

More than a decade ago, our journey as a company began with a clear vision: to distribute, repair and service high quality precision crimping tools to meet the needs of our customers. From the beginning, we have focused on quality, innovation and superior customer service. Our focus on these core principles has enabled us to establish ourselves in a competitive market and build a strong customer base.

Our Commitment to Quality & Certification Success

Our ongoing commitment to quality was recently reflected in our success in the DEKRA audit for DIN EN 9120 and ISO 9001. These certifications are not only a recognition of our efforts, but also a testament to our commitment to the highest standards in all aspects of our business operations. Compliance with these international standards ensures that our processes are optimal and our customers always receive products and services of the highest quality.

Our QM Representative and Managing Director, Niko Mau

Behind our success is a committed and competent team, led by our QM representative and managing director, Niko Mau. Niko Mau not only drove our company’s vision forward, but also created a culture of excellence, innovation and teamwork. His leadership has advanced our quality assurance and continuous improvement efforts and set us on the path to success.

Niko Mau
Niko Mau

A Glimpse into the Future

As we look back proudly on our 15-year success story, we know that the journey is far from over. We are committed to continuing to provide our customers with world-class precision crimping tools, optimizing our processes and continually improving our service. Our focus is on the future, on new innovations and on continuing to set the standards in the industry. In the coming years we will continue to be guided by our core values: quality, innovation and customer focus. With a strong team led by Niko Mau, we are confident that we will continue to be successful in the next 15 years and beyond. We thank our customers for their continued support and the trust they place in us. Together we will continue to set the standards for precision crimping tools and continue our path as the leading specialist in Europe.